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We at ENIKA have only one aim, that is, to provide Quality Instruments to our valued customers. With over 35 years of OEM experience and a rich history in steel works, ENIKA promises to supply all instruments in Surgical Grade Steels and in best quality, as we value human lives.

Complete Range of General Surgery, TC, & Diamond Dusted Instruments.

Complete Range of Dental Surgery Instruments

Complete Range of Orthopedic , Cables, Laparoscopic Instruments.

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ENIKA Surgical is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Surgical, beauty and precision instruments servicing leading Japanese and European healthcare markets. ENIKA supplies its good to Private and Public Hospitals, healthcare trust, Dental hospitals, Veterinary Practices, ENIKA has a Global reputation for Quality, excellence and Outstanding service. Our Products comprise of instrumenst used in various surgical disciplines ranging from ENT, Gynecology, Orthopedic instruments and implants, Neurosurgery, Thoracic, Urology, Intestinal, Proctology and many more. ENIKA adheres to strict compliance with, Japanese, British, European and International Quality management Standards.

Extracting Forceps English pattern
ART # 3406
Extracting Forceps American pattern
ART # 3408
Extracting Forceps American pattern
ART # 3412
Extracting Forceps American pattern
ART # 3410
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